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Context Awareness Engine: Pre-Crime and Pre-Attack Prediction – Innovative Augmented Risk Management

June 30, 2021

In any fast-moving business situation, conflict, or disaster scenario, it is essential to have accurate and truthful information, up-to-date situational and context awareness. Today, fact checking has become an industry, but it is not real-time, and truth engines are being developed to meet this need. Situational awareness technologies, however, are commercially available and in use by the military, law enforcement and industry.  What is missing is the essential ‘context awareness’ technology toolsets and frameworks.

Producing such a capability demands the continual behavioural analysis of people, machines, devices, and networks to identify deviations in consistency (including decision-making).  In the same way a boxer might telegraph a punch, or the rumbling of a volcano or storm clouds might be a portent of disaster, as well as people, ICT and networks can also reveal precursors to out-of-the-ordinary activities. Hence, the need for this technical capability dovetailed with real-world decision-making for diagnosis, awareness, education and beyond.

Our solution employs awareness, behaviour, and culture aspects with continual monitoring of individual humans, electronic devices, and networks as a behavioural continuum in the search for anomalous behaviours.  So, in the case of cyber-crime, we combine and analyse across a given population to help identify who the attackers are and the probable nature of an attack.  So far, preliminary tests have been encouraging.

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